C&H Maastricht Lage Kanaaldijk 115 6212 NA Maastricht The Netherlands                Phone: + 31 (0)43 325 52 62      Fax: + 31 (0)43 325 51 00 ch-maastricht@dmm-ch.com If you are considering to enter new markets then C&H Maastricht is your partner. History of C&H Maastricht The founder of C&H Maastricht, Mr. Servé Costongs, started his match making activities in 1987. His company published direct sales catalogues in several European countries. Producers from outside Europe were interested to present their products in the these catalogues. But they needed an importer, distributor or agent in Europe.  Mr. Servé Costongs, being in the business for several decades, had an extensive personal network and data base of importers, distributors and agents available for them.  During the 1990’s international exhibition organizers started to recognize the potential of the network and database of C&H Maastricht. They asked Servé Costongs and his team from C&H Maastricht to start promoting their exhibitions and to become responsible for the marketing and sales in Europe, the USA and/or Asia. Since 1992 C&H Maastricht has built up and maintained it’s network of international contacts. Since 2002 C&H Maastricht has its own office in China for market research. About C&H Maastricht C&H Maastricht is a marketing consultancy company specialized in international market research and assistance in market penetration of e.g. logistics equipment, material handling equipment, industrial machinery, industrial equipment/tools and access equipment . Over the years C&H Maastricht has successfully assisted companies from Australia, China, India, Korea, Taiwan and the USA to start up their activities in Europe. Vice versa C&H Maastricht has successfully guided companies from Europe to find the right match in China, India and the USA, such as industrial manufacturers for outsourcing their production or importers, distributors and agents.