C&H Maastricht Lage Kanaaldijk 115 6212 NA Maastricht The Netherlands                Phone: + 31 (0)43 325 52 62      Fax: + 31 (0)43 325 51 00 ch-maastricht@dmm-ch.com B2B MARKET RESEARCH: C&H Maastricht has been researching markets since the 1990's We can research the market that you plan to enter and deliver information on e.g. market size, competition, prize levels, market shares, etc. B2B MARKET INTRODUCTION After researching a market the next step will be to make a market introduction plan. C&H Maastricht can assist you with your market introduction by; Designing a tailor made market introduction plan Informing the market via various (social) media, exhibitions, etc. Introducing your products or services to potential business partners Informing end-users B2B MARKET PENETRATION If your products or services have already found their way to the market but you feel that you could be more successful, then C&H Maastricht is your partner for: Market penetration plans for a specific market or product Detailed knowledge of markets, products, competitors and potential business partners B2B MATCHMAKING Personal contact with new and existing business partners is crucial to develop a successful business. C&H Maastricht can plan and prepare your meetings with potential business partners and if necessary accompany you during these meetings. Because the potential business partners have been pre-scanned by C&H Maastricht you will not waste valuable business time and money on contacts that lead nowhere. EXHIBITION SELECTION Entering (new) markets by participating in exhibitions is a proven method to expand your business. But do you know which exhibition suits your need best? C&H Maastricht is your partner to select the right exhibitions for your business goals. REPRESENTATION OFFICE You plan to start doing business in Europe but don't want to invest in having your own office? Then the C&H Maastricht team is your experienced partner to handle all your incoming calls, e-mails and other information requests from the European market for you. No need to worry anymore about not speaking the languages or not being in the same time zone. Your company will make an organized and professional impression on your (new) European business partners. Your products or services have proven them selves and you plan to enter new markets to expand your business opportunities. You will need to have clear objectives. Where do I start? How can I find the right business partners? Where can I find accurate information about this new market? Do I have the time and/or the staff members available for this research? Do I speak the language and what about the time difference? C&H Maastricht can solve all those questions for you with the following marketing services;